90-Day Goal: Day 4: Allocate Your Time

Kelly Kannwischer
January 6, 2021

Time is your most valuable resource. 

Using your time wisely is the key to crushing your 90-Day Goal. Most of us are easily distracted. Working in an office environment brings interactions from coworkers, attending meetings, and “water cooler” conversation.  Working in a virtual environment has all these and more—taking the dog out, helping children with virtual school, and dealing with technology snafus as your own Chief Technology Officer. 

One of the most effectively methods I have used to focus my time is the Pomodoro Technique. The book is available on Amazon if you want to read more. Essentially it works like this. Set a timer for 25 minutes. As you start the time, be 100% devoted to the work or task at hand. When the timer goes off, then you stop. You MUST STOP.  

Take a 5 minute break. And break means break! Don’t check email. Don’t create lists. Release the focus and replenish. Take a walk, pet the dog, refill your coffee. Best practice is to move around physically to intellectually experience replenishment. 

Tip 4: Allocate Your Time Intentionally.

Decide how many 25 minute blocks of time you will dedicate to a task or activity in advance. And when the timer rings then you move on to the next task and spend only the time you allocated for it in advance. If you have a personal assistant, then you have experienced being moved on to the next meeting or responsibility before you are necessarily finished. By moving on you will get new insight on what is truly needed to reach the finish line and won’t waste time with tangents, surfing or scrolling, or loss of focus. The Pomodoro Technique gives you the power to be your own personal assistant and allocate your time like a pro.

Please send me your questions, challenges, and suggestions as we continue in the 90-Day Goal Together. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing the journey with you. 

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Kelly Kannwischer

Kelly Kannwischer

Kelly Beckham Kannwischer is an executive, consultant and not-for-profit coach and leader. Kelly lives in Atlanta, Georgia and serves as Cofounder and CEO of the Future Church Company and CEO of Younique. Previously, Kelly lived and worked in Orange County, California where served Vanguard University as a Vice President and President of the Vanguard University Foundation. Kelly is an accredited Insights Discovery Client Practitioner and Certified Fundraising Executive. Kelly is married to Rev. Dr. Richard Kannwischer and is the proud mother of Danica (age 17) and Ashby (age 15). When she is not working or volunteering, Kelly enjoys playing golf, reading, and enjoying the outdoors.