At Younique, we have a very powerful set of beliefs: If you help people discover their Life Call and equip them to live into it, you suddenly start to have real, honest-to-goodness-Kingdom-movement-potential. Your church can become what you always dreamed it could be.

Now to be clear, we are not saying that Younique is the answer to all the leadership, discipleship and mission questions you may have in your church.  But we do believe that what God has called you to lead cannot come into fruition until each child of God is mobilized into who God originally created them to be. What Younique has created is what we call Gospel-Centered Life Design. Simply put, it's a breakthrough process to help people discover their personal calling, along with the equipping to live into it each and every day.

The primary way we deliver this is through our 4-Day Accelerator. It is an intensive for pastors, ministry leaders, non-profit leaders and educators who are looking to experience personal breakthrough, but also want to bring the breakthrough of the Younique Experience to the places where they lead and have influence. 

​​​Every moment of our 72 hour intensive experience is designed around two things:

  1. Breakthrough – Participants will identify their personal call and practical steps in how to live it out. 
  2. Training – We will begin to share how you can bring the Younique Experience to your local church. 
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People experience extraordinary life change with the Younique Experience because of the intentional process that leads people through our 5 Master Tools. Integral to taking people on the journey is inviting the Holy Spirit to move in hearts and minds. Our 5 Master Tools are designed to help you step into who God has created you to be and as such, our process for Gospel-Centered Life Design has a very particular shape and feel to it.

The idea of “Gospel-Centered Life Plan” may seem abstract. In practical, real life terms, what does that mean? When you complete Younique, what you do actually walk away with? Well, in addition to a custom-built, Gospel-Centered Life Plan, we work with you so your LifeCall is clearly stated with a clear picture of your 3-year, 1-year, 90-Day and 1-week goals. The significance of this process is each person not only identifies their personal calling, but are now equipped to live on mission!


The cost of the 4-Day Accelerator, which includes most of your meals, your Younique Kit, and your 90-Day Launch, is $2450. You can pay this all at one time, or in 3 month or 6 month installments.



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